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Custer Battlefield Museum

Where the Battle of the Little Big Horn began . . . Garryowen, Montana

The David F. Barry Collection

David F. Barry was one of the most famous photographers of the American West (1870-1900).  The World-renowned photographer was named "Little Shadow Catcher" by the Sioux, and was the first to photograph the Sioux as they surrendered.  Barry was the only photographer invited to the first Battle reunion.  He counted among his many friends William F. (Buffalo Bill) Cody, Elizabeth (Libby) Custer - widow of Gen. George Armstrong Custer, Chief Gall, Chief Rain-in-the Face, and W.S. Hart - a silent movie star.

The Custer Battlefield Museum houses an internationally acclaimed collection of over 100 historic photographs by D. F. Barry containing some of the most famous people and places of the American West.

Gen. George A. Custer
Elizabeth Bacon Custer
Major Marcus Reno
Sitting Bull



Beaded Upper Missouri Hidatsa Knife Sheath

Fully loaded Remington found at Garryowen, Montana

Northern Plains War Society War Hat circa 1870

New Exhibits include Indian and Cavalry Artifacts
Battle of the Little Bighorn, Frontiersmen, Military Life, Plains Indian Culture


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 Crazy Horse Exhibit Custer Battlefield Museum
NEW! Crazy Horse Exhibit

"I thought of things that had happened the last days, seasons and summers.  I began to see that all things were strung together like beads of a necklace, one after another, from this day back and this day forward they went on forever, the hunt, the warpath, the teaching by Hump and my father and the wounding of Conquering Bear.

I thought of other beads:  The songs of my mother as we laughed together when I was a child, the songs I sang to Little Mouse as I brushed away the mosquitoes and gnats from her face as she lay in her cradleboard.  And how I told her stories until she fell to sleep.  I saw the face of Little Mouse as she is now, with her long eyelashes flickering up and down over her smiling, bright black eyes.  It was as if I had returned to mother earth from another world as she wanted to hold me to her bosom and whisper in my ear."

--  Crazy Horse  --

Custer Battlefield Museum

Custer Battlefield Museum  1-90 Exit 514  Town Hall, P. O. Box 200, Garryowen, MT  59031  (406) 638-1876

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