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History Channel
Returns to Garryowen

By J.B. Tyler

GARRYOWEN, MT   The historic town of Garryowen , where the Battle of the Little Bighorn began, was visited by the History Channel this week.  Filmmaker Peter Star and producer Tim Prokop have been following the Custer trail, remaining true to the dates and campsites that Custer and his troops inhabited leading up to the Battle of the little Bighorn and the dramatic fight on Last Stand Hill.

Actor Stan Ellsworth, Chris Kortlander, Actor Curtis Nysmith
at the Custer Battlefield Museum

The History Channel is producing a series of 13 episodes, entitled On the Trail, in which Starr and Prokop follow the trails and fates of various American icons, in which Star and Prokop follow the trails and fates of various American icons, including Custer, Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Davy Crocket, and more.  While the original participants rode horses, The History Channel is following these historic trails on motorcycle.  Says producer Prokop, “Although we’ve replaced the flesh –and-bone horse with the iron horse, we hope to give our audience an authentic look at what these adventurers endured on their travels.  They were cold, wet, and miserable – we’re recreating that for the audience in hopes of giving them a better sense of exactly how these American icons lived and died.

The Battle of the Little Bighorn began in Garryowen, when Reno ’s men attempted to rout Sitting Bull at his camp.  Because of this, the show will highlight Garryowen.  Christopher Kortlander, owner and operator of the town and its various businesses, stated that “Star and Prokop were very interested in Garryowen, the Custer Battlefield Museum, and The letter, written by Moylan in October 1876 as a member of the Custer Burial party, provides great detail about the exact location of Custer’s body and those of his troops on Last Stand Hill.  Says Kortlander, “The crew filmed in the Museum, and also on the land behind Garryowen Where Sitting Bull had his camp – courtesy of the Custer Battlefield Preservation Committee.  We’re thrilled to have hosted the History Channel and look forward to the airing of the show.”

The Custer episode, entitled On the Trail of George Armstrong Custer, is the pilot for the series and is scheduled to air in March 2005. 

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