Friday, August 11, 2006

Custer Battlefield Museum Approved for National Attraction Status

(Garryowen) The Custer Battlefield Museum is delighted to announce it has met the necessary requirements to acquire a AAA approval rating.  The museum has proved to be a national attraction, meeting all the eligibility requirements worthy of AAA endorsement.  

The AAA Tourism Editor has visited the site to perform an inspection.  The evaluation of an attraction is the major factor in determining whether an attraction will be listed in the AAA National Tour Book.  Attractions do not pay for a listing and they are only included in the book after an extensive inspection and on the merits alone.  Editorial composition follows strict guidelines.  The listings are brief, factual and objective with no promotional phraseology.  

The recent AAA approval validates the importance and relevance the Custer Battlefield Museum and town of Garryowen have in the historical milieu.  Tourists interested in the Little Big Horn Battlefield will only fully experience the tragedy and triumph of the entire legendary battle by visiting this significant museum.  

More information on museum exhibits and additional historical travel opportunities in the area of Garryowen and the Little Big Horn Battlefield are available by contacting museum director Christopher Kortlander by phone at 406.638.2020.